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Every donation made to the Warr;or Kind Foundation helps to bring mental health resources to Military Veterans and First Responders in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. There are all kinds of people in this world. This organization is for the "Warrior Kind"--those that fight a battle within themselves silently each day. We want to help break the silence, bring awareness, and be a safe place for those struggling to come with no judgements or expectations. We hope to someday have a physical location in the Tulsa, OK area for those with struggles. We encourage those that feel the pressure to keep their wounds buried deep to feel welcomed to express themselves with us. We understand that society often makes us all believe that asking for help or wanting to talk about our internal battles makes us weak. We do not think you are weak. We think you are brave for fighting, but there is strength in numbers--let us help carry your load with you. You are a warrior--we are your army, your cheerleaders, your supporters, and your voice in the silence. Please find this to be a safe place filled with love, understanding, and peace.

At the Warr;or Kind Foundation, we feel passionately about the mental health battles plaguing our nation, especially our military veterans and first responders. We admire each and every person that chooses to put on that uniform every day to protect and serve, and hate to see the invisible scars they carry being ignored, laughed off, or down-played. It is our goal to be a resource for anyone that needs help dealing with these battles. Whether that be an ear to listen, financial help to fill a need with therapy, or a referral to some of the best in the business of helping heal these wounds. Come sit with us, speak freely, and know that you are safe here. We are on your battle ground with you -- ready to fight by your side. Let us fight these battles together, out loud and never hide in shame or fear. It is a tough battle and deserves to be talked about openly and honestly with anyone who will listen. We've got your 6 -- it's ok to not be ok. Please click the "Donate" button today and help us help more of those fighting these battles each day. 

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