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Warrior Kind Foundation Co-Founders

Nina, Kristen & Kimber

Our main goal at the Warr;or Kind Foundation is to bring awareness to the daily battles many face in this world. Silent battles such as PTSD and Depression have such a negative stigma of weakness by our society that it leaves those fighting these battles feeling even more alone each day. We want to break down the walls and remove the shame that society places on those that admit they are struggling by being a safe place for those to come when they need someone on their side helping them fight. Life is hard, especially for those that have experienced, witnessed, and survived the unthinkable wars in their lives. We are here to remind those that are struggling that they are not alone while helping their loved ones understand their battles and help them through these tough times. 

We are here to bring a voice to those that don't feel like they have the strength to speak until they have the strength to speak for themselves again. We are here because 22 veterans being victims of suicide each day is 22 too many in this country. We are here because First Responders are people too - they shouldn't be expected to carry the weight of the darkness in this world without a little help and support. We are here to help in any way we can - as loudly as we can. These shouldn't be silent battles. These should be wars we all fight together for our neighbors, friends, and family members. Join our cause - help us stand up for those too busy fighting to be able to stand up for themselves. We've got your 6